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Namaste and Welcome to Gurkha91 Restaurant, Bourne.

Nepali cuisine comprises a variety of cuisines based upon ethnicity, alluvial soil and climate relating to Nepal’s cultural diversity and geography.

Gurkha91 Restaurant is a Purveyor of fine Nepalese and Indian cuisine and has travelled far and wide across Nepal and India to bring you the best of what the land of Nepal and the Indian subcontinent has to offer.

We remain true to the flavours and techniques and offer you a glimpse into traditional dishes with modern twist from right across the region. Gurkha 91 revisits the most typical Nepalese and Indian recipes, recreating the hundred years of flavours and subcultures that influence the dishes of this extra ordinary region.

Why Gurkha91??
The Gurkhas have a proud history of serving the Great Britain for more than 200 years and we have a immense pride in the name of Gurkha (the brave and loyal fighters) and 91 because when we opened our first restaurant, we had 91 items in the menu and we simply name it GURKHA 91. We have excellent team and most of them have over 15 years of culinary skills. Food quality and consistency is our top priority



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Monday17:00 — 21:30
Tuesday17:00 — 21:30
Wednesday17:00 — 21:30
Thursday17:00 — 21:30
Friday17:00 — 22:30
Saturday17:00 — 22:30
Sunday17:00 — 21:00
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